Open Office Areas

Reconfigure workspaces, reduce the number of people in the office, reduce the number of seats that face each other or alternate seating to allow for physical distancing. Consider removal or reconfiguration of seats, furniture, and workstations to preserve recommended physical distancing and the maximum occupancy requirements. Open office area recommendations include:

  • Identify which workstations meet the 6-foot physical distancing requirement.
  • If 6-foot physical distancing between workstations is not achievable:
    • Limit the number of people working, where possible, by working with HR to determine alternating work schedules between adjacent staff or moving staff to alternative rooms/ work desks.
    • Consider the use of physical barriers (e.g., cubicle wall, rolling whiteboard placement, clear plastic between workstations).
      • When placing new physical barriers, ensure emergency egress paths are not blocked and maintain at least 2′ clearance to the ceiling. Barriers should not be suspended from the ceiling.
    • Consider the use of visual reminders such as floor circle radius with blue tape to indicate 6 foot radius.
    • Where possible, reconfigure workstations so that employees do not face each other or establish partitions if facing each other cannot be avoided.