Reception Areas

Much like lobbies, reception areas tend to be high traffic areas, near main entrances, with visitors coming and going. Furniture should be arranged to encourage physical distancing in this area. Consider how employees and visitors tend to move through and use reception areas. Signage should be posted reminding employees and visitors to abide by physical distancing requirements while using this space.

To accommodate physical distancing in reception areas, consider implementing the following:

  • Consider eliminating reception seating areas and requesting that guests phone ahead/ are by appointment.
  • Move furniture so there is ample space to accommodate 6-feet of space between front desk staff and visitors.
  • Consider installing a partition for front desk areas as an extra level of protection for the reception area staff and visitors.
  • Use tape to create lines on the floor so visitors can stay physically distanced while waiting.

Utilize capacity and lobby signage above.

Plexiglass or other barriers should be anchored to the desks not suspended from ceilings and maintain at least 2′ from the ceiling. If it needs to be anchored to the floor it can’t block or protrude into exit paths or openings.