Building Manager Toolkit

Example floor signs

Building Managers play a vital role in the day-to-day maintenance of built environments. As the University has a variety of workspace configurations, these guidelines are intended to provide consistent messaging and integrate public health behaviors into SU workspace design based on 6-foot physical distancing. Prior to re-occupancy, Building Manager/Facility Director should work with supervisors/managers to:

  1. Assess each facility and perform a detailed review of workspace configurations.
  2. Review recommendations for each space type and prioritize adjustments based on the recovery stage and anticipated occupancy.
  3. Determine the disinfection routine for all spaces.
  4. Monitor effectiveness and adjust as needed.

Below you will find building information, recommendations, and guidelines to set safe work practices. Returning to a primary work location now entails further awareness and rules to keep all employees safe while in the building. To reduce confusion, clear protocols and expectations should be communicated visually using signage.

Standardization of university-wide communications will clarify expectations for faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Existing signage on University buildings includes social distancing protocols compliant with state and local regulations, and expectations for everyone entering the building. Signage is placarded on main entrances to buildings.

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