Stanford is currently in Stage 2 of the restart process. Only essential workers, authorized researchers and laboratory support personnel and those with permission to be on campus to prepare the campus for restart should be on campus at this time. All work that can be done from home should continue to be done remotely.

Event Guidance

To reduce the transmission of the novel coronavirus, both indoor and outdoor gatherings are generally prohibited per California State order.

  • Gatherings are broadly defined to include an event, assembly, meeting, or convening that brings together people from separate households in a single space, indoors or outdoors. As described by the State, gatherings “pose an especially high danger of transmission and spread of COVID-19” and consequently there are limited, narrow exceptions to this general prohibition on gatherings as described below.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, the general prohibition on gatherings (indoor and outdoor) applies to gatherings of a social nature, including gatherings of student organizations.
  • Outdoor protests are allowed under the first amendment and are subject to state, county, and university requirements.

In support of the University’s research and academic mission, an overview of currently allowed gatherings and meetings is on the HealthAlerts website linked here.

For specified events and activities, prior registration, review, and explicit approval from EH&S is required using this form. Upon receipt, the EH&S Safety Team will review, provide guidance, and make a decision for the event.

  • Following the registration of the event using the form, please expect to be contacted by EH&S within 3 business days.
  • Registration of the event using the form is not equivalent to approval to hold the event.

Any event that is held without prior registration, review, and approval of EH&S will be subject to the ramifications of doing so. EH&S strongly advises groups not to send event invitations, publish media notifications, or make payments to vendors until approval is granted.