Field Research Approval and Travel Exception Process

Last updated 13 October 2020.

During Stage 2 of campus reopening for research, all off-campus field activities (including research, academic course support, and professional activities) are restricted and university-sponsored travel is suspended (see Travel Policy and Field Research Restart for details). Field research approvals and travel exemptions will require endorsement by the department and approval from the cognizant Dean. In a limited number of circumstances, exceptions for travel by faculty, staff, graduate students, or postdocs may be approved if the research satisfies the required conditions

Researchers seeking travel exemptions and/or field research approval should submit a request to the form below. These approvals will occur in consultation with the Field Research Working Group, the Non-Clinical Human Subjects Working Group and the university Travel Committee (where applicable). Activities at, or out of, the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve (JRBP) or Hopkins Marine Station (HMS) will additionally require approval of the relevant Director.

Please Note: Requests must be submitted by the Faculty Principal Investigator or Graduate Advisor. Requests from graduate students and postdocs will not be accepted.

Before submitting the form, please read all of the information below, detailing what you will need to submit. Requests must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the activity.

Field Research Approval and Travel Exception Form

  1. This form will route to all the required department, school, and university approvers related to COVID-19 restrictions. Separate travel exceptions and emails are not required. NOTE: all other approvals and trainings that normally need to be completed must be done separately (IRB, APB, OGC, ICO, etc)
  2. No exceptions for off-campus activities (other than JRBP and HMS) will be made for undergraduate students.
  3. Off-campus Non-Clinical Human Subjects Research will require extra details and information. Please refer to the Non-Clinical Human Subjects Research page at Cardinal Recovery before submitting.
  4. Requests must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the field activity.
  5. Prior to completing this request, please review all information at Stanford Research Recovery.
  6. When completing the form above, be prepared with the following information, as all requests will require this documentation to be reviewed and/or prepared as attachments to the request:
    1. Description of research, including a detailed description of activities, locations, modes of travel to the field site, any local transportation at the site, and any potential contact with collaborators or members of the public.
    2. A spreadsheet with a complete list of participants, including: Stanford affiliation (school/dept, faculty/staff/postdoc/grad), contact information while conducting field research (cell phone number, satellite phone, or inReach information), and emergency contact information. Please use this template for the participant list.
    3. Date(s) of field research requested. Specify whether the work will be one trip, or several.
    4. Justification for the high priority of the work (e.g. time sensitive nature of data collection, data type, researcher status, etc.).
    5. A written plan that specifies how the field work will adhere to the Stanford University Field Research COVID-19 Prevention Best Practices.
    6. Description of current COVID-19-related public health restrictions and guidelines at the field site (e.g., county health orders within the USA)
    7. Requests that include research being conducted at, or with, non-Stanford facilities must also include a copy of the COVID-19 related protocols for the facility.
    8. Review of the Stanford Travel Restrictions.
    9. Review that all other approvals and training that normally need to be completed are done (IRB, APB, OGC, ICO, etc).
    10. Where applicable, include any letters of invitation and/or approval to conduct the research from the local government or other agency (fish & game, FDA, etc.)
    11. For requests for field research at Hopkins Marine Station or Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, there may be additional materials that need to be submitted. Check the Research Recovery at Jasper Ridge or Hopkins Marine Station COVID-19 Field Research Protocols for further details.
    12. As always, a field safety plan should be completed for any field research. Elements of a field safety plan can be found here. Requests should include a field safety plan.