Undergraduate Research On-Campus Policy

Current policy restricts undergraduates from on-campus research activities. Beginning September 14th, undergraduates may begin to be included in on-campus research in the fall and winter quarters 2020-21. Decisions about whether a lab/research program can safely accommodate an undergraduate researcher may be made by PIs, in consultation with the faculty chair or director of the building in which the research will be conducted. These decisions should be informed by the following guidelines and considerations:

  1. Undergraduate research that can be done remotely should continue to be done remotely. On-campus research activity should be limited to work involving minimal or intermittent contact with other researchers and the public. These restrictions are consistent with Risk Levels 1 or 2 in the Stanford Workplace Risk Matrix.
  2. Permission to engage in on-campus research may only be provided for those undergraduates living on campus. Participation in on-campus research may not be used as a reason to petition for on-campus housing.
  3. PIs should assess the priority of the undergraduate research. This assessment should include the degree to which a student will be able to work independently, without need for close-interaction training by other lab members, and how the research would facilitate the educational goals of the student, for example by allowing them to complete an honors thesis.
  4. All stage-specific guidelines on building and lab density must continue to take precedence. The impact of including undergraduate researchers on the research groups’ density and schedule should be evaluated, and should take into account the constraints on undergraduate student availability due to class scheduling.

In addition to specific building and lab SOPs, undergraduate researchers must adhere to all general requirements for lab researchers, including:

This policy applies to fall and winter quarters 2020-21. It will be revisited for future quarters.