Stanford is currently in Stage 2 of the restart process. Only essential workers, authorized researchers and laboratory support personnel and those with permission to be on campus to prepare the campus for restart should be on campus at this time. All work that can be done from home should continue to be done remotely.

Service Vendor Expectations

Service vendors must maintain COVID-19 safety management practices that are consistent with county Social Distancing Protocol requirements when working in Stanford buildings. To ensure a COVID-safe vendor experience, departments/ building managers must follow the instructions below, including confirmation that the vendor completes the attached Service Vendor Expectations for COVID-19 Safety Management form PRIOR to scheduled work on campus.

Contact your department’s financial/ procurement administrator for questions/ assistance in completing this document.

Service Vendors From Outside Northern California

Currently, the EOC Safety Team is reviewing requests for vendors coming to campus from outside Northern California on a case-by-case basis. Prior to reviewing these requests, the Safety Team requires the following are confirmed:

  1. The department determines that this vendor service is critical for continuing operations, and
  2. The department has exhausted alternative NorCal vendor options that can conduct this service.

To submit a request, please navigate to the Google Form through the following link and the Safety Team will follow up with you via phone or email:

Instructions for Department/ Building Manager:

  • Confirm the vendor has completed the Procurement Services process.
    • Check with your local Finance/ Procurement representative for vendor status.
    • It is highly encouraged to select trusted vendors with whom you and/ or colleagues have previously had successful business outcomes.
  • Send the Service Vendor COVID-19 Safety Management checklist (attached) to the vendor who must complete and return to you PRIOR TO SCHEDULED WORK ON CAMPUS.
    • Provide local work notification.
    • Email affected local building occupants to avoid immediate work areas during upcoming vendor work, and post room signage to notify occupants of the work being done and to restrict access as necessary.
  • Keep on file for a minimum of 1 year or through the duration of the service, whichever is longer.
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